I saved over 100 hours in study time for my finals last year! You gotta hear it to believe it.
Max K., Seattle WA
I finally have time to listen to all the podcasts and audio books I’ve been neglecting.
Kent A., New York
It's incredible how the more time I spend speed-listening the easier and faster it becomes. Thanks!
Paula G., - Texas


Accelerated “Speed Listening” shares many of the same benefits of speed reading with one major advantage, it's completely hands free and doesn't require your 100% attention (no need to use your eyes).

Did You Know?

Your brain can process up to 600 WPM (words-per-minute) and the average person speaks 125 to 150 WPM. Speed learning does NOT require training because you simply maximize your brain's natural ability to process more words-per-minute.

What About Retention?

Not only can your brain already comprehend spoken audio at twice the normal speed, you can actually afford the luxury of listening to your audio content more than once in the same time period, helping with increased comprehension and recall.

The following helps illustrate
how much time can be saved by
listening to faster audio content.




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The unique blend of features, ease of use and it's amazing power to save time make it a must-have for anyone interested in...

...transforming your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or any other MP3 Player into a full-fledged, super high speed mobile audio consumption device.

...drastically reducing the number of hours required to listen to your favorite audio content.

...increasing the speed of playback for podcasts and audiobooks up to 5x the normal speed, allowing you to cram two to five times the amount of content into a single audio listening session.

  • Tech Junkies: Listen to twice the Podcasts in half the time.
  • Audible Fans: Easily burn through 2 books per month.
  • Students: Listen to lectures, professors and voice memos.
  • Business People: Review meetings, phone calls and dictations.
  • Other Uses: Field Interviews, Legal Briefings, Sermons, etc.
  • Limitless: The possibilities are truly endless!

* Smooth Speed Controls
With our proprietary patent pending algorithm, you simply slide the speed bar to your comfortable playback speed and let our software take care of the rest. Never worry again about listening to that awful high-pitch playback (also known as the “chipmunk effect”) or time skipping and audio distortion often found in similar software.

* Increased Comprehension
High Speed Learning gently forces your mind to focus and pay closer attention to the materials, therefore even at speeds above 250% you can actually improve your comprehension and retention because your mind is fully engaged and present.

* Portable Media
Audio Speed Listening is all about portability. Our simple conversion tools allow you to quickly accelerate your audio content and move it onto any iPhone, iPod, Smartphone or portable MP3 Player. You can even burn CD's.

* Enhanced Memory
Learning with faster audio greatly increases your understanding and memory for future recall because your mind doesn't get bored and begin to wonder at high speeds.

* No Fluff
Audio Super Learning gives you a competitive advantage. By processing information at an accelerated rate, you're quickly able to pull out only the juiciest nuggets of hard-hitting content—while leaving all the fluff on the cutting room floor.

* Slow it Down
Sometimes speed isn't everything, we also allow you to slow your audio content down by 50% which is useful for taking notes or transcribing.


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